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PGI's indirect gas heater consist mainly of fire-tubes enclosing burners and a tube bundle containing gas to be heated. They are called “indirect” heaters” because a medium (water-glycol) is used to transmit heat (thermic exchange) generated by the burner and received by the gas. The safety system, which is part of every heater, can detect all working defects and control independently the unit under each operating condition, in order to guarantee the correct outlet gas temperature.



• Gas heating in gathering lines to prevent stoppage due to hydrates.
• High viscosity fuels heating to reduce pumping pressures, thereby increasing pipeline capacities.
• Gas heating at city gas take-offs from main gas pipelines.
• High pressure gas and/or oil heating in oilfield production.



AWB indirect gas heaters are efficient and costumer friendly products.

Thanks to tube bundle technology our heater use “tube bundle” system to transfer heat from water to gas.

Due to tube bundle technology, our heaters more compact than the others. Thus, keeps your space on the site. Maintenance of our new design is very easy and it is possible to repair in case of tube damage. Pressure drop on the gas side is also lower than the “coil” system.

We use forced draft, standard, quality trade mark burners. Due to technology of burner, efficiency is over the 90% and our products are more efficient than the competitors.

Our fire tube is designed to reach more “heating surface” and “low stack temperature”. Thus, overall efficiency of our products is much more than the other available ones in the market.

PGI can also supply complete gas conditioning skids consisting of Water Bath Heater, pressure reduction, dry gas filter & coalescer and metering.

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