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Petrogas Industry (PGI), a subsidiary of Petrogas E&P, established in 1995, specializes in equipment manufacturing, turnkey industrial solutions and EPC services for energy industry.
PGI, with its proven expertise and a well-earned reputation aims to be one of the leading companies in the field of energy transmission and distribution as well as construction of its infrastructure. To achieve this vision, PGI  created partnerships with reputable regional and international corporations.
PGI ( Petrogas Industry ) offers quality products & services such as Gas Treatment and Regulating systems,  Oil & Gas Metering Solutions,  CNG Refueling Stations,  Skid mounted systems for Oil & Gas, Valves, Gas Regulators, Pressure Vessels, Direct and Indirect Heat Exchangers, Filters, Cyclone Separators, Quick Open Closures, Water Bath Heaters, Slug Catchers, Knock-Out Drums,  Insulation Joints, Relief Valves, and related accessories. PGI provides professional services such as design, engineering, procurement, manufacturing, construction of energy infrastructure; pipelines, gas treatment and power generation systems with supportive services.
PGI’s diverse services include design and engineering, procurement and construction, project management and supervision. In addition, after sales support coupled with consulting services have also been the competitive advantage of the company in the field of sustainable energy solutions.
PGI, having confirmed the quality of its products and services with EN ISO 9001:2008, EN ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certificates, continues to serve in the energy markets of Turkiye, America, Europe, CIS, Middle East and Africa.
PGI ( Petrogas Industry ) serves the needs of the energy market with its professional managers, and dedicated engineering team.

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