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The basic purpose of the PGI’s human resources policy is to select correct individual to the correct job according to the vision, values and strategies of the company, ensuring the sustainability in the company by increasing motivation and loyalty, and continuously improving the individual and corporate performance with processes and systems improving the quality. PGI gives priority for monitoring all development in the contemporary human resources applications and adapting them to the business model align with the leadership in the growth and change.

PGI and subsidiaries, a reliable community esteeming the employees as an individual, acting fair, sharing the successes, take preparing the environment required for the employees developing themselves and realizing their potential as a duty. We are aware that creating opportunities to and supporting the employees is the most important key as per our company vision.

The training needs are systematically determined by considering the technological developments, competition conditions, change in the international and national regulations, socio-economic developments in all industries where PGI and subsidiaries have activities and the personal developments of the employees. The purpose is to hold the characteristic of being a learning organization while adapting the advanced business environments in the knowledge, skills and behaviors.

Recruitment procedure
The basic purpose in the recruitment procedure of PGI is to select correct person interms of job descriptions and gaining the candidates having the competences and abilities required by the position to the company according to the values, vision and strategies of the company.

According to this target, the application stages of the recruitment procedure are as below:
•Determination of the qualifications and competences of the human resource needed,
•Determination of the technique to be used in recruitment process and planning,
•PGI candidate database,
•Internet database,
•Advertisement (internet, media),
•Consultant company,
•Other resources,
•Interview with the candidates,
•Psychometric tests (numerical, verbal, occupational personality evaluation inventories),
•Reference checks and report,
•Making that the candidate starts working in the related company.
Training and development
Human resources management of PGI on one hand commits the mission of increasing the quality of the business life and the efficiency of the workforce to have contribution to the organizational efficiency and on the other hand conducts the activities on training and developing the human resources within a strategic management approach with a proactive approach.

Training activities targets to have positive changes in the thoughts widening the occupational knowledge frontiers, having rational decisions, behavior and attitude, habits and understanding of the employees for doing the tasks they commit or will commit in the future in the holding and her organization in a more efficient way.

The training process starts with the “orientation program” which is applied for easing the adaptation of the employee who has started working to the work and company and for sharing the corporate culture and values as soon as possible. The target is to ensure that the new individual has trust in PGI in the orientation process and to make that he/she gain work motivation. The learning process continues with developing activities bringing to the superior performance and success.

All trainings are planned such that programs which will contribute to their professional development and support the career plan by considering the requirements of the work and the competences of the employee.

In this process, our employees,
1.  Specializing in the existing position,
2. Rapidly adapting to the changing conditions in the existing position,
3. Preparing the responsibilities he/she may assume in the future
Career management
A career planning is made to ensure the career developments of the qualified personnel present in the organization structure of the PGI and its subsidiaries. The purpose is to create opportunity to the career development of the employees and to create backup opportunity for critical positions according to the development and rotation. The information on the career possibilities in the organization is clearly presented and training programs which will support the employees for planning the career are organized.

Salary management
An efficient salary management system is applied which targets that the motivation level of the employees of PGI are always kept high, which is based on the responsibilities they assume, their abilities, education levels and work experiences, which is just and prioritizing the competition with the market.

The salary policies based on PGI and its subsidiaries are determined by considering the scales in the company, salary researches, individual performance, and economic data.
Work application
If you are willing to work for us, please send your resume to  “” or apply for the open positions through “” and our “Linked in Page”.


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