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The treatment of fuel gas is crucial for the performance and longevity of gas turbines. Extensive damage can be caused if even small amounts of liquids and/or solids enter the combustion chamber. In certain cases, fuel gas treatment is required to meet the fuel requirement and warranty of the gas turbine. In addition, the fuel gas must be at a safe margin above dew point, as liquids may condense out under certain pressure and temperature conditions. The combustion equipment requires gas at a regulated pressure and generally, the fuel gas consumption rate is also required.

PGI designs and supplies complete modular skid-mounted systems, which incorporate proprietary high efficiency gas filtration/separation equipment, heat exchangers, pressure regulating systems and flow measurement stations. PGI solution ensures the provision clean, dry, metered gas at the required pressure and temperature from an untreated, unregulated gas source. The systems are designed to minimize installation time and costs and to maximize ease of operation.

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