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The basic indicator that we are a solid and reliable company is the quality of our products, services and management approach. PGI has planned its organization such that all technical, administrative and human resources factors which affect the service quality and target are kept under control.

Our target is to provide products according to national and international standards, technical specifications and special customer requests; to create a safer and healthier work environment for all employees, customers and supplier; and to realize services by working with the ideal of “0” work and environmental accidents and “0” losses. 

Our policy is based on “customer satisfaction”. The requests and changing expectations of the customers are measured, evaluated and announced to all employees.

Our quality, HSE and environment management approach and principles:
Performing all our legal obligations related with workers’ health and safety and environment in our activities.

Closely monitoring the state of the art technology in the world, country and sector; making product development, design and certification studies; providing reliable products to our customers by conducting scheduled test studies.

“Happiness of our employees” is the most important condition for attaining the customer satisfaction. Improving the participatory spirit, increasing the compatibilities of our employees, therefore acting with the “continuous improvement” principle for this purpose.

Monitoring the success of the company by measuring the efficiency and productivity of the processes affecting the quality of the products and services with corrective, preventive and improving activities.

Determining and eliminating the unsafe situations and actions which may cause environmental accident, work accident, occupational diseases, possible accident risks beforehand by making an efficient risk evaluation, managing the risks efficiently with our continuous improvement and preventive action approach.

Continuously auditing the quality, HSE and environment management system and activities to keep responsible parties in line with our policy.

Having the necessary precautions for ensuring the health and safety of the subcontractor employees and visitors; providing HSE and environment awareness and consciousness trainings; making contribution to the development of the industry by organizing educative courses for the customers.

All employees act according to the EMERGENCY plan when they notice a behavior or attitude endangering the HSE and environment safety.

It is our basic principle that the principles of quality, HSE and environment policy are adopted and applied by each personnel working in the company, especially by the management staff.    


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