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Since 1995, project management & supervision services, engineering for gas and power generation, as well as transmission and distribution projects are main consulting areas offered by PGI.


Consultancy and Controllership Services
PGI presents construction controllership, supervision and consultancy services during the stage of construction operations.

1. Drawing up Specifications
Specifications are drawn in accordance with gas distribution companies as per the globally accepted standards and in a way that they meet all subjects regarding material, construction and administration.

2. Material Selection and Control
Priority in material selection and control stage is to provide the materials to be selected in accordance with both national and international quality norms and the criteria in the approved technical specifications.

3. Construction Control
During Construction Control Stage (CCS), the required local inspections are carried out according to gas distribution authority and globally accepted standards. The main elements of the construction control are as follows:

• Steel line construction control
• Welding NDT controls
• Hydrostatic test controls
• Cathodic protection controls
• City gates and district stations (reducing & metering) construction and assemblage controls
• Polyethylene (PE) line construction control
• Service line construction
• Service box assemblage controls
• Resistance & Tightness test controls
• Progress billing and chart controls

PGI, with its expert personnel and cumulative experience in the sector, provides solutions in technical co-operation, know-how transfer and Operation Consultancy fields in natural gas distribution zones which, with completion of construction activities and acquisition of gas, are coming up as operating corporations.

The main operation consultancy services are specified as below:

• Establishing operating procedures
• Establishing operating organization and identifying the personnel quality
• The basic trainings on operating activities
• Project approval and switching on the gas
• Establishing emergency intervention teams
• Establishing maintenance and repair procedures and training
• Establishing reporting systems
• Consumable material and spare part identification
• Establishing commercial activities management procedures
• Invoicing transactions
• Automation, SCADA systems consultancy and applications

PGI provides feasibility study, project designing, engineering and consulting services about CNG, LNG and LPG where the natural gas distribution pipeline does not exist.
In this context, filling plants, tank areas and gas installations related to the architectural, civil, mechanical and electrical projects are carried out by our expert staff and for the facilities, selection of materials, equipment and control of installations are carried out in the field.
Additionally, PGI provides designing project, engineering, consultancy and supervision services for industrial facilities where natural gas, LNG or CNG is used.

Installation Controls
• Natural gas usage survey for the industrial facility
• Concept design establishment
• Preparing the lists of materials and exploration
• Establishing technical and administrative specifications convenient to receive offer
• Project controls and approval follow-up in relevant authorities during construction stage
• Areal studies, assembly and material controls
• DT evaluation
• Test supervision and approval operations
• Acceptance

CNG Filling Facility Projects
• Establishing of the CNG tanks layout plan (NFPA 59)
• Canopy projecting services
• Projecting gas pipelines
• Preparing the welding and non-destructive material examination procedure
• Appropriate compressor and dispensers selection
• Filling station ex-proof illumination and electricity system project
• Grounding project
• Fire project
• Establishing detail material and labor study tables
• Drawing layout plans and projecting infrastructure
• Preparing administrative specifications and tender documents

LPG Filling Plant and Station Projects
• Performing construction and static projects of the conveyor systems of the global tanks
• Canopy design
• Projecting grounding, illumination and other electrification affairs
• Projecting gas pipelines
• Selection of transfer pumps, dispensers and compressor
• Over-ground and sub-ground tanks placing
• Establishing detail material and labor study tables
• Drawing layout plans and projecting infrastructure
• Preparing administrative specifications and tender documents

LNG Tank Area Projects
• Establishing of the LNG tanks layout plan (NFPA 59)
• The static ferro-concrete project
• Preparing the welding and NDT procedures
• Appropriate evaporator selection
• Tank area ex-proof illumination and electricity system project
• Grounding project
• Fire project


Energy Efficiency Consulting Services
Studies have been carried out to increase efficiency in the use of energy, to prevent waste, to relieve the burden of energy costs on the economy and to protect environmental.

Energy efficiency is also supported by the government and incentives provided by laws and regulations by developed and emerging countries.

PGI provides consulting & engineering services in this direction. Our company has been authorized as Energy Efficiency Consulting Company and has been operating to provide services to industrial facilities and buildings in accordance with relevant laws and regulations with expert energy managers.

Energy Management and Systems Consultancy
• Energy consumption inventory preparation, planning
• Tracking measurement methodology consultancy
• Power supply interruptions and evaluation of restrictive effects
• Investigation of opportunities for alternative energy and fuel use
• Energy production facilities and related assessments
• Traceability and reporting
• Software consultancy
• Tariff analysis

Energy Studies
• Surveys for savings opportunities and detection of elements to increase productivity
• Detection and reporting of energy consumption trends
• Energy consumption analysis for “Process Purpose” and “Non-Process Purpose”
• Measurements and analysis of energy consumption in electricity and fuel-consuming units
• Evaluation of the energy consumption for unit costs of the products (energy destiny)
• Evaluation of energy saving potential
• Technical and financial feasibility studies, calculation of ROI, IRR, NPV values

Productivity Enhancing Projects
• Determination of the possible modifications on the energy consuming systems, processes and equipment modifications
• Budget and market research
• Benefit – Cost analysis
• Investment plan
• Improvement and coordination of efforts
• Preparation of available/committed contracts and controlling the practices
• Project applications

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