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   •Available technologies with comparative evaluation
   •Preliminary technical evaluation
   •Utility and energy consumption
   •Sized equipment list
   •Preliminary plot area and equipment alignment
   •Economic evaluation and estimated cost 

PGI offers full range of technical and management EPC services in the fields of engineering and construction. The services provided in the scope of PGI can be as turn-key projects or any other type that is requested by customer which includes EPC services for engineering, procurement, construction and project management.

For projects within field of expertise, PGI also offers third-party engineering and consultancy.

Feasibility Studies
Detailed studies help customers to make better decisions on technical and economic aspects of an upcoming project. Studies can be offered;


During feasibility studies, PGI works closely with its clients at every step of the project to ensure the goals are met. Site visits prior starting of engineering work as well as presentations and supporting activities can be provided.

Basic and Detail Engineering Packages
The basic and detail engineering packages are designed so that all important information can efficiently and successfully be transformed for the needs of our customers.

The package can include detailed process flow diagrams and PI&D’s, equipment specifications and datasheets, descriptions of process control, material lists as well as construction plan and drawings.
Procurement and Inspection
The broad expertise of PGI assures the best prices, delivery and quality regardless of the location of the project. Our Supply Chain Department supplies equipment from all over the world based on the project needs.
PGI is a highly skilled company with proven records, providing construction services for its clients.

Quality and safety assurance are keys for works performed.
Site Erection and Commissioning
Site erection of PGI installations is carried out throughout the world by qualified employees with a valuable experience.

PGI organizes the complete erection of equipment from unpacking to the assembling. If an equipment requires third party specialist, we will make sure the one will be brought to the site to obtain the service need.

Supervision and Training
PGI can offer service for providing on-site supervisor when the erection of systems performed by a third party contractor. PGI can provide on-site supervisor services during the different stages of a project starting from erection, to commissioning and eventually start-up.

PGI engineers not only trained and experienced in the mechanical aspects but also electrical matters, control systems and instrumentation. PGI engineers also assist with the maintenance of supplied equipment or providing on-site training.
After Sales
We offer sustainable after-sales services and support that ensures high quality standards with on time and reliable solutions.

We are specialized in the maintenance of low and high pressure reducing and measuring stations and their components.

Our experienced team provides customer services for periodic maintenance, warranty, repair, revision and spare kit supply of any oil and gas projects.

We value offering the products and services that meet with the customer expectations.

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