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We bring experience in engineering, designing, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of skid mounted process equipment and processing plants. Skids are assembled in our modern, purpose-built workshop. Typical maximum skid sizes are 3 x 3.5 x 12 m. larger systems consist of more than one module.

PGI manufactures most of the pressure vessels and process equipment in its own workshop. The modular assembly includes the installation of:
      ▪  Steel structure
      ▪  Equipment
      ▪  Piping and valves
      ▪  Instrumentation
      ▪  Cabling and junctions boxes
      ▪  Insulation

We also have the capability of manufacturing:
▪ Emergency shutdown valve systems and high integrity pressure protection systems
▪ Filtration and separation systems for de-liquefaction
▪Hydrocarbon and water dew point control units by J-T valve technology, fixed bed systems etc.
▪ Process heating systems

Gas Processing plants_edited.jpg
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