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PGI in-house coalescing filter-separators are multi-stage separator that provides maximum solid and liquid removal. The primary stage of separation is designed for removal of large particulate and liquid loads through gravitational and centrifugal force. If a high solid or liquid load (slugging) is present, additional separation internals are available to provide bulk removal and extend the life of the coalescing element.

The final stage of separation consists of one or more multi-special layered fiberglass/polypropylene coalescer elements. The entrainment laden gas flows from the inside to the outside of the coalescer elements. The innermost layer acts as a pre-filter to remove submicron solids.

The fibers of the middle layer capture the fine liquid droplets suspended in the gas and cause the droplets to run together and form large droplets with the depth of the filter. These large droplets emerge on the outer surface of the coalescer and drain by gravity to the lower collection chamber. The clean gas passes from the coalescer elements and exits through the vessel outlet.

During the design stage of coalescers working conditions have to be defined precisely, since coalescers are not recommended as the first stage of seperation.

Cartridge filter 5.JPG
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