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PGI's differential pressure gauges are devices engineered to be used in equipment such as filters where a differential pressure occurs during liquid flow. The red pointer shows the final "impurity" level and the black pointer shows the current differential pressure. A reed contact magnetic sensor can be used to receive a signal at a desired differential pressure value.

It is suitable for SCADA applications. Thanks to its design, usage and maintenance is easy. You may use these valves with non-corrosive gasses and liquids such as natural gas, LPG, air, nitrogen and water.

The differential pressure gauge is mounted between the signals received from the inlet and the outlet of the filter. Using a manifold with valves for the mounting operation is recommended. If manifold is not used, valves must be used in inlet and outlet sides. The performance of gauge is not affected by the type of connection and the gauge can be mounted in any direction.

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