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PGI's mono-block insulation joints are designed for use in petroleum and gas pipelines, gas pressure reducing stations and likewise in all piping where cathodic protection is applied.

In order to prevent external leakage and to provide safety and long life the insulation joint is equipped with double o-ring. In case the inner o-ring is damaged, affected by chemicals or worn out, the 2nd o-ring begins to provide tightness, thus prolonging the life of the insulation joint. PGI’s insulation joints are designed and tested according to ASME Code VIII Div. 1 requirements.

As a material to ensure electrical insulation, engineering plastic having highest mechanical strength and electrical resistance, is chosen. This insulation material is unbreakable and is not affected by water, gas or any other soluble chemical. The insulation material does not disperse or spoil either.

PGI's insulation joints are designed to provide insulation above industrial standards. According to technical specs 1000 volt DC is applied to insulation joints having passed the hydrostatical tests. The measured resistance in such test is requested to exceed even 5000 mOhms. The dielectric strength test is applied at 3000 volt at 50 hz over a period of 1 minute where no discharge is observed as a result.

PGI's Insulation joints are produced in 2” to 20” dimensions at ANSI 150 to ANSI 600 pressure classes. API 5L or ASTM 106 materials are used in production. The standard coating is 75 microns both internally and externally.

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