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Knock-out drums can be installed when a process requires removal of considerable quantities of fluid, like water or hydrocarbon condensates from a vapor stream. Gravity causes the liquid to settle to the bottom of the vessel, where it is withdrawn. The vapor travels upward at a design velocity which minimizes the entrainment of any liquid droplets in the vapor as it exits the top of the vessel.

PGI offers customized knock-out drums based on project requirement with a variety of fabrication options; size, capacity, material type, wall thickness and corrosion allowance. Knock-out drums can be manufactured horizontally and vertically, and certified in accordance with ASME Section VIII, Division 1.

In addition to being easy to install and maintain, knock out drums include high quality sealing systems.

Knock-out drums are built based on given specs and tested by our control specialist for both performance and safety.

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