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Slug catcher is a vessel with sufficient buffer volume to store the largest slugs expected from the upstream system. The slug catcher is located between the outlet of the pipeline and the processing equipment. The buffered liquids can be drained to the processing equipment at a much slower rate to prevent overloading the system. As slugs are a periodical phenomenon, the slug catcher should be emptied before the next slug arrives.

Slug catchers are an important way of containing and dealing with liquid slugs in pipelines, promoting efficient liquid and solid particle separation. A large quantity of liquid exiting the pipeline is considered a slug. This liquid, if not contained, can cause costly mechanical and process problems. Slug catchers are essentially vessels, which are typically used in the petroleum industry and pipeline industry where slugs collect or get caught at the outlet of natural gas pipelines. The slug catcher allows the gas stream to expand which provides an area for liquids to slow and settle.

PGI offers customized slug catchers based on project requirement with a variety of fabrication options; size, capacity, material type, wall thickness and corrosion allowance. Slug catchers can be manufactured horizontally and vertically, and certified in accordance with ASME Section VIII, Division 1.

KUZEY MARMARA SLUG CATCHER 520-V-220-Model3[2610].png
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